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Downtime Coffee

There is something almost magical about brewing up your first mug of a new coffee from somewhere in the world you've never been, or perhaps even heard of, and indulging in the aromas and flavors it provides - almost transporting you across the world to the coffee's origin.

While that is an awesome experience that we can all enjoy now, if you grew up drinking Folgers, Maxwell House, or Kroger-brand instant coffee - welcome to the club! 


While we absolutely love specialty (or craft) coffee, we're not coffee snobs here at Downtime Coffee.  We believe that the world's best cup of coffee will be different for every person, and our aim is to provide as many unique, delicious offerings as possible.  


Our love for roasting coffee grew from a love of making, whether it be woodworking, winemaking, baking, or cooking - we love seeing the process of something simple becoming something amazing (and delicious).   


While green coffee beans look very similar no matter where they're from in the world - the different aromas and tastes they are each uniquely capable of providing is beyond incredible.   We strive to enhance those unique characteristics by roasting them with care at Downtime Coffee.  

In today's digital age, the internet allows us to source beans from all over the world, connecting directly with the farms and farmers that allow us to enjoy this beverage daily - and we're excited to share each unique, delicious bean with you in the years to come.

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